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Custom Replacement Doors To Fit Your Style

Is your front door starting to look old and tired? Whenever you need to replace a worn or damaged door, it’s time to contact My Space Remodeling for quality door installations. We’re experts in home as well as commercial door replacement and have extensive experience working with homeowners, business owners, and property managers.

A new style, impressive entry door is an important part of any first impression and a great welcome home. A new replacement door assures the most harmonious decor, and avoids mechanical problems for many years to come. We’re happy to do an on-location consultation and of course offer a free no obligation estimate. We’ll take care of permits, and assure compliance with energy-efficiency and other building codes.

Your Choice: My Space Remodeling

The last thing you want in home improvement services is a couple of guys with a truck. For your protection and to assure that the job is done right you need true professionals. My Space is a fully insured general contractor, licensed for both residential and commercial work (including Title 24 compliance). We fully understand construction details and can often re-size, re-shape, and/or re-locate window and door openings. We can take care of problems that on rare occasion turn up around the frame, and can completely finish the job with color-matched paint.

Whether for stock or custom door designs and sizes, we’ll remove and replace each door on the same day so that the building remains secure and protected from the weather. And you can count on our well-trained and experienced work crew to start and finish when we say we will. Beyond the manufacturer’s warranty we offer our satisfaction guarantee and promise excellent customer care. We also offer financing options, and senior-citizen discounts.

Door Installation

Doors come in an often surprising variety. So let’s talk about some terms.

Besides interior and exterior, there are special entry doors, sliding, security, storm, and screen doors. Many have glass and stained-glass inserts, sidelights, and/or transoms. There’s also double doors as well as folding and mirrored closet doors. Low-cost designs are a single flat slab whereas premium panel designs are composed of side rails, top and bottom stiles, toggles (center), and panel inserts. French doors are the same, but have glass instead of wooden panels. Pocket doors slide into the wall rather than swinging open and closed. In many instances we can convert regular to pocket, and almost always vice-verse.

Wood Clad Doors construction uses a wooden frame and structure with strong low-maintenance exterior surfaces such as vinyl, aluminum, or fiberglass. They’re available in a wide number of colors and textures, and never need painting.

Steel-Wood Hybrid Doors designs use extra-strong steel as the external cladding and are insulated inside. They arrive “pre-hung” with a frame, so we remove the existing frame prior to installation. They’re most commonly used as side doors and between the house and garage.

Panel and Solid Wood Doors designs are ideal for entry ways and are often chosen for custom shapes and sizes. You’ll have countless wood and finish choices, as well as options for glass work, carving, inlays, and additional details. They’re simply gorgeous.

Hollow Core Doors these doors are lightweight but offer little security and so are used inside. They simply aren’t intended to last under external weather.

Security Doors have exceptionally rugged construction and are usually custom built. Not just for commercial buildings, they’re also available in a variety of home styles.

Fire Doors are commonly required in commercial buildings to delay the spread of fire and smoke, but may also be used in residential construction.

Additionally, patio and similar large glass sliding doors may have vinyl, aluminum, or wood frames.

Design Assistance

With so many options, we’re happy to offer design and selection guidance as well as include new doors in our remodeling designs. Just give us a call and we’ll come out for a no-cost in-home estimate.