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Replacement Windows

Are you tired of windows that are getting harder and harder to open and shut?  Whenever you need to replace worn or damaged windows, it’s time to contact My Space Remodeling for quality window installation.  We’re experts in residential and commercial window replacements.

A new style of windows can make a big difference to the interior as well as exterior look of a home, they assure the most harmonious decor, and help avoid mechanical problems for many years to come. We’re happy to do an on-location consultation and of course offer free quotations. We’ll take care of permits, and assure compliance with energy-efficiency and other building codes. If you currently have older single-pane glazing you’ll be pleasantly surprised by reduced noise from outside, utility bill savings, and improved comfort of new energy efficient widows

Replacing windows is not a do-it-yourself project. It can result in poor appearance, and compromised operation.

Your Choice:  My Space Remodeling

The last thing you want in home improvement services is a couple of guys with a truck. For your protection and to assure that the job is done right you need true professionals. My Space Remodeling is a fully insured general contractor, licensed for both residential and commercial work (including Title 24 compliance).  We can take care of problems that on rare occasion turn up around the frame, and can completely finish the job with color-matched paint.

Whether for stock or custom designs and sizes, we’ll remove and replace each window on the same day so that the building remains secure and  protected from the weather.  And you can count on our well-trained and experienced crew to start and finish when we say we will. Beyond the manufacturer’s warranty we offer our satisfaction guarantee and promise excellent customer care. We also offer financing options, and senior-citizen discounts.

Window Replacement

We can support a full spectrum of window replacements ranging from quality, economy models to “designer brand names” in windows and screens for luxury homes. And of course always accompanied with our professional window installation services.

Energy Star (R) and low-E technologies save big on both heating and cooling costs and building codes cover energy-efficiency, so we’re experienced in selecting just the right type of double-pane and clear, tinted, or reflective glass.  Not to mention just about every type including:  arch, bay windows, bow, double-hung, casement windows, composite, folding, garden, sliding patio doors, and other sliding doors.

Each of those are available in a variety of styles and materials, so we’re ready to help guide your selection.  Here is an introduction to the materials most often used.

Vinyl Windows

In many locations these are the most common type we install.  Vinyl offers a great balance of cost, lifetime, and appearance. They’re available in numerous finish colors for an harmonious look, and never need painting.  Options include various styles of panes and trim.  Vinyl windows are also more energy-efficient than aluminum.  But be sure to select a quality manufacturer and expert installer to actually accomplish a long life.

Aluminum Windows

Today’s designs feature improved tracks and rollers for longer lifetimes and easier opening and closing, and also never need painting. Aluminum frames are also stronger, allowing for larger patio doors and commercial windows, but are less energy efficient than other options.

Fiberglass Windows

This type of frame material offers pretty much the same benefits as vinyl, but is stronger. Available in numerous finish colors with just about any type of glass, fiberglass is also energy efficient.

Wood Windows

For the ultimate in appearance wood simply can’t be beat. Although they gain and loose a bit more heat, there’s nothing like the variety and beauty of natural woods and stains whether matte or glossy finish. Custom-made sizes, styles, and details are virtually unlimited.

TIP:  Try to choose a single manufacturer, material, and style that’s available for every window replacement in your home or business for a perfect match up.

FAQ:  Choosing among manufacturers you can usually get the exact mix-and-match of frame material, glass type, and style you want. The designers at My Space Remodeling are glad to help.