Professional Painting Services

When it’s time for repainting, interior painting or exterior painting, you want a professional painting company with trained permanent employees. You will have the assurance that the job will be done properly, and not by someone just hired off the street for the day.

Whether residential or commercial, painting is a cost effective improvement that can quickly make a big difference in appearance, for a fresh change and like-new look.  It’s also vital in protecting your home and maintaining its value.

We can provide free color-matching and color selection services in addition to a no-charge detailed estimate.

The MySpace Way

My Space is a licensed painting contractor, fully insured and bonded, providing house painting and commercial painting services.

We employ only experienced professionals and train them in our own quality procedures and checklists. They will always begin with full and proper preparation, proceed with superb workmanship and attention to detail, and finish with a thorough clean up. We provide a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


Exterior Painting

Everyone wants their home and place of business to appear inviting and well well-kept. Beyond looks, cracked and peeling paint lets in moisture that can cause progressive damage. 

That’s why our exterior painting service begins with a careful inspection, replacing damaged wood and moisture barriers and patching cracks as needed.

We’ll then complete sanding, scraping, and brushing to prepare the surface and can perform pressure washing and apply primer for the best adhesion.

Before painting we’ll mask off utility panels, walkways, landscaping, and so on.  Only then will our experienced painters take care of walls (including stucco), and wood trim, windows, and doors.

Interior Painting

For interior painting you want the very best results while protecting your furniture, floors, and possessions. We’ll cover furniture and floors with drop cloths, taping to be sure they stay in place. 
Next comes a thorough inspection, filling and sanding any cracks.

We can also complete plaster and drywall repairs. We’ll also sand baseboards, moldings, windows, and trim. Our thorough preparation also includes cleaning and De-greasing cooking areas.

My Space uses special wall paint for high-humidity areas such as baths, kitchens, and laundry rooms as well as washable paint for playrooms and children’s bathrooms. Throughout the process we’ll keep dust and disruption to a minimum.

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Tex Coating

Tex-Cote (r) is a simply amazing exterior finish: tough, attractive, and available in custom colors.
So what is it? It’s an advanced textured elastomeric coating applied with a special 10-step process. Not some new fad, tex coating has been in use for over 30 years.

It can be applied over stucco, concrete, and cinder block to provide waterproofing, seal gaps and cracks, and hide surface imperfections. It’s 30 times the thickness of ordinary paint and experiences very little no fading over its long lifetime. You should never have to repaint again!

A related exterior wall paint product, Coolwall, has been proven to save on cooling costs and includes recycled ingredients.
It’s available in 570 standard colors, and displays far less fading than latex paint, with no peeling, flaking, or chipping.  Walls in direct sunlight can be over 30 deg. F cooler.

Latex paints carry a 3 to 5 year warranty, but specialty coatings can have a lifetime warranty. But they’re a specialized process so you’ll want well-trained and experienced experts.

We always follow the manufacturers full checklist and procedures, including trenching for maximum coverage, hydro-blast cleaning, repairing stucco or wood, and applying their special primer.

Textured Paint and Custom Finishes

We also employ experts in the application and removal of interior textured coatings for walls and ceilings.  We can match the existing patterns or create something new to match your wishes, including faux finishes.


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