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Expert Remodeling Services & Room Additions Hacienda Heights, California

You want top-quality service at reasonable rates for your Hacienda Heights, California remodeling project, and that’s exactly what My Space delivers. Our experienced designers know how to put your ideas and budget together and create the ideal room addition, bathroom remodel, or kitchen remodel design.  Our skilled crews and expert project managers then make it happen.  Patio enclosures offer an economical room addition, and our home improvement services also include patio covers, decks and gazebos, and outdoor kitchens to complete your dream home.

Making the Right Decisions

To get your renovation or expansion off on the right foot, take the time to seriously think about what you want and why.  Then look for examples that you like online and in magazines.  Find out (at least roughly) what they cost, and adjust your expectations to match your budget.  Start contacting remodeling contractors only after you’ve already taken these steps.

The Haciendia Heights Housing Market

You should also know a bit about the Hacienda Heights real estate market.  With a growing population the median home price is some $530,000 in mid-2016 with an average size of around 1,900 square feet (  With a cold market, that median selling price is often some 20 to 30% lower than the asking prices you see advertised (  Trulia notes that adding a bedroom increases a home’s value by over $100,000.  The average 4-bedroom house was selling for $184,000 more than the average 3-bedroom house, but other factors are in play as well.

Home Improvement Permits

If you’re thinking of doing much more than handling painting and new carpet yourself, you may want to rethink that.  There’s a lot more to remodeling projects than most people expect.  Taking a look at should give you an idea of the complexities involved, particularly the detailed planning required to avoid major headaches later.  Before any work starts, Hacienda Heights projects must receive a building permit from Los Angeles County Building and Safety Department — not just for room additions but also for bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling, renovations, decks, new stucco, re-roofing, window replacements, and so on.  The application usually requires submitting detailed plans to demonstrate compliance with numerous codes and regulations.  Actually, there can be several permits covering grading and foundations, construction, plumbing, electrical, heating and cooling, and so on.  Then during and after work, there will be one or more on-site inspections.  So it really makes sense to bring in a general contractor to coordinate all that planning and all those different construction tasks.

Room Additions

If you love your Hacienda Heights neighborhood, adding one or more rooms will accommodate growing and changing households while letting let you stay right where you are.  And they’re often more economical than buying new.  Added bed- and bathrooms are popular, as are playrooms and complete master suites.  With My Space your room addition will be a flawless match to your existing structure and home decor.  Sun rooms and other patio enclosures are especially economical solutions for extra space and make great multi-purpose rooms with plenty of natural light.

Bathroom Remodeling

A professional bathroom remodel will transform your daily routine.  That could be purely practical, replacing worn or damaged fixtures or perhaps adding extra storage.  But why not make it an upgrade in style and comfort that can change how you feel?  Perhaps a small bath remodel with bright tile and retro fixtures for a cottage look.  Or complete luxury with a walk-in rainfall shower and separate jacuzzi tub.  Your options in bathroom remodel styles, materials, and features are seeming endless, so our interior decor experts are here to help. We provide affordable bathroom remodeling solutions for all Hacienda Heights, California.

Kitchen Remodeling Services

A kitchen remodel is at the top of the list for many Hacienda Heights residents.  In today’s open floor plans the kitchen is visible in living- as well as dining-room areas and it doesn’t take that many years before kitchen cabinets, appliances, sinks, and faucets start looking dated.  Nowadays granite or other natural-stone counter tops are simply a must, and glass-door kitchen cabinets are a very popular update and upgrade.  If you’re into cooking or entertaining, consider a chef’s range and built-in double-ovens.  How about tile back splashes and a premium vinyl, tile, or stone floor?  And don’t forget the huge difference that simple lighting changes can make in any kitchen remodel.

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My Space Remodeling

Family owned and operated, our company is a fully licensed and insured general contractor with years of experience serving the Hacienda Heights area.  Our expert designers, skilled crews, and experienced project managers make sure that everything goes just as it should.  Using only top-quality materials and fixtures, we guarantee your satisfaction.  We can provide full financing on approved credit as well as easy payment plans.

Choosing a Home Remodeling Contractor

So hiring a general contractor saves you time and worry, and quite often money as well.  Choosing a company can be stressful itself, but not if you do your research before signing contract.  At a minimum get estimates from 3 different contractors, and during the process ask yourself if you would be comfortable working with them and having them in your house for several days or longer.  And verify that they’re licensed and insured for Hacienda Heights, and have a permanent address.  Get references, and then actually contact those people to see what their experiences were like.  Take a close look at photos of their prior projects.  Do they include the sorts of services you’ll be needing, with styles and features that you would be happy with?  You can find many more tips and guidelines, including what should be in the final contract at:

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