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Your Professional Hollywood Home Remodeling Contractor

When you are looking for a contractor in Hollywood, California, you want the best in home remodeling services.  My Space has all the experience and skills it takes for even the largest home improvement projects.  We balance your budget and dreams for an outstanding kitchen remodelbathroom remodel, or room additions. We’re also experts when it  comes to patio enclosures, outdoor kitchens, decks, gazebos, and patio covers.

Family owned and operated, My Space Remodeling employs skilled interior designers, master carpenters, and experienced project managers to assure that all work is done right with no headaches along the way.  We’re a general contractor, licensed and fully insured, so there’s no need for you to deal with all the time, hassles, and added expenses of coordinating multiple companies.

Hollywood’s Recommended Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

Our clients are so happy that they went ahead with a complete kitchen remodel to create a stunning heart of their home that’s also convenient and practical.  If you choose, we can create an entirely different layout.  We’ll design and construct exactly what you have in mind, whether cozy and efficient or large and luxurious.

Our kitchen designers are ready to create the style you’re after contemporary, traditional, modern with materials and color schemes that blend perfectly with dining and living areas.  Popular selections in Hollywood include glass-faced kitchen cabinets, granite counter tops, chef-style fixtures, and built-in appliances.  Our crews include specialists in tile back splashes and floors, as well as exotic hardwood, premium linoleum, and laminate flooring.  And we don’t neglect the importance lighting, whether natural illumination from windows or the latest in halogen and LED lighting. Learn more about kitchen remodeling services Also visit our recent kitchen remodeling projects portfolio

Your Dream Bathroom Is A Phone Call Away

When you’re ready for bathroom remodeling, you may be surprised at the huge selection of fixtures now available, with all sorts of features, styles, colors, and materials.  Water conservation remains important, but you can still have that charming cottage bath or glamorous suite with a spacious custom shower and jacuzzi tub.  We’ll coordinate the style and all the finishes, including natural or painted wood together with natural stone and ceramic, glass, and porcelain tiles.  How about radiant heat for warm toes every morning?  How about flexible lighting for a bright start of the day and relaxing evening mood to take your bathroom remodel over the top? We provide affordable bathroom remodeling services for all Hollywood, California.

Increase Your Home Value With Room Additions

Whether you’re after more space or need a special-purpose space, adding one or more rooms lets you stay right where you are.  That’s often more economical than moving, and definitely adds value to your property.  If you need an added bedroom or bath, you already know it.  But you might also be considering a home theater, mud / laundry room, or home office.  Or perhaps a luxurious master bedroom suite with both a fully-custom shower and a spa tub.  To keep valuable lawn space we can build your addition as a second story addition, though that may cost more or may be prohibited by Hollywood zoning ordinances. Room additions is a great way to increase your home’s value. It is a great investment in today’s Calabasas increasing housing market. Contact us today to schedule a free in-home consultation.

Outdoor Home Improvements

Make the most of any yard you have with a deck or gazebo.  Or perhaps you would prefer a great-looking patio cover and outdoor kitchen.  Or how about a patio enclosure sunroom for an even more economical added space?  Our professionals are ready!

  • Decks and Gazebos from custom designs or modular systems, with no assembly hassle for you
  • Outdoor Kitchens for a true SoCal lifestyle with all the accessories
  • Sunrooms for inexpensive indoor space with an outdoor feel
  • Patio Covers to shield against the sun for more time outdoors

Our crews can also take care of window replacement to update a style, do away with worn sliders, and save energy.

Hollywood, California Home Remodeling Information

The Real Estate Market

In mid-2016 reports that the median asking price for a Hollywood home is $1.2 million, with the median close at $1.1 million, and average valuation of $562 per square foot (  That’s well above the cost of even fairly elaborate kitchen remodels, not to mention simple bedroom additions that can come in at under $200 per square foot.  Even a master suite with full tile and whirlpool bath is likely to be around $350 per square foot (  So additions are a great investment.

Renovation Permits

Just about any building work in Hollywood must be approved by Los Angeles County’s Building & Safety Division.  That includes additions, renovations, roofing, stucco, window replacement, patio enclosures, and a lot more.  If you’re interested you can download their “Homeowner’s Guide to Additions and Remodeling” from  The process involves applying for several permits (such as construction, plumbing, electrical, ventilation, heating, and cooling for a bathroom remodel) and submitting detailed plans.  Their careful review of contractor’s plans assure that everything’s up to code for the safety of you and your neighbors.  There will then be inspections to confirm that everything was completed according to the plan and regulations.

Choosing the Right Remodeling Contractor

HGTV presents some great guidelines and tips on their website at  Here are just a few highlights for choosing a company.  Make sure that anyone you’re considering is indeed licensed and insured by verifying their licensing numbers and insurance certificates.  They should also have a permanent address — you don’t want someone with a cell phone and post office box!  Their plumbers and electricians should be certified and experienced.  Don’t stop at looking at photos of their prior projects.  Ask for referrals and then speak with them to see how those projects went –as HGTV reminds us, you’re buying services not just a finished product.

Free In-Home Estimates Schedule Today (855) 487-7407